Founded in 1993 as a women confections manufacturer, mario became in 2000 a famous national brand through the opening of its own stores network.

The creation team’s devotion, led by marius musat, the high quality Italian and French fabrics, have made mario a powerful brand and a very much appreciated one among the fashion enthusiasts in Romania and abroad.

2004 was a key year, when the company developed when it created the marius musat brand, which differentiates itself on the market through its sophisticated particular collections.

In 2009, the marius musat brand has created a children collection: Little marius musat, which, although a new brand on the market, is a very popular one.

Mario insists very much on the image,the interior design and the way collections aredisplayed in stores, succeeding to create a uniqueatmosphere for its clients. The counseling ismade very attentively in order to fulfill allcustomers’ requests. Our company is in acontinuous expansion having two directionsfor its development: increasing thenumber of stores and penetrating the

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